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What if John Hughes Directed My Life?

Often when I’m painting I enjoy having a movie going at the same time – as long as it’s a movie I know backwards and forwards so that I can pay only partial attention to it as I’m working on a piece of art.  I’ve been doing that a lot this week as Tyler’s away visiting Pen State University, giving me the chance to binge on all of the girly movies I want without driving him crazy.  The selection has run the gambit from Dirty Dancing and the Breakfast Club to St. Trinians and Easy A (easily the most intelligent high school film of the last 20 years).  I’ve cranked through a fair amount of work while this film festival has rolled along in the background, but it has also left me with a question: What if John Hughes (or Kenny Ortega for that matter) directed my life?

Chances are there would be quite a few more spontaneous musical numbers (I’ve often lamented the lack of those in real life) and unique expressions of devotion.  For all of you out there who have ever asked the same question, here’s a list of my favourite moments – perhaps you want to settle in to do some art while you watch them (I will completely understand if you’d rather curl up in pajamas and blankets with a bowl of popcorn instead of course).

  • Patrick Swayze’s “No one puts Baby in a corner” and the final dance scene, Dirty Dancing
  • John Cusack with a ghetto blaster over his head, Say Anything
  • Patrick Dempsey riding into the sunset on a lawn mower, Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Heath Ledger singing and dancing across the bleachers while alluding capture, Ten Things I Hate About You
  • Judd Nelson’s fist pump, The Breakfast Club
  • Easy A (that’s right…the whole movie)

What are your favourites to create art to (or just watch)?

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