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Behind the Scenes of a Photography Exhibit

Tyler’s photography exhibit, the Other Pole, opens on March 1st at the Chocolate Claim (the opening reception takes place on March 3rd from 7 – 9 pm and the show runs for the entire month).  To complicate matters slightly, he actually has two “shows” opening at the same time.  Our good friend Martina runs the Clear Health Naturopathic Clinic here in Whitehorse and asked Tyler to put together a series of colour prints for sale to decorate her offices, which he agreed to do (that show is called Clear Skies).  Tyler decided in both cases to print the photographs (black and whites from Antarctica for the Other Pole show; colour images from Southern Yukon for the Clear Skies show) on silk and hang them.  To add a bit more challenge to the display preparation he also decided to stretch some horizontally instead of the more typical vertical approach.

In turns out the logistics of that decision were a tiny bit complicated (of course if I learned anything from preparing my piece, Lost in Wonderland, for Scrawl on the Wall it is that display is always complicated).  Our bed (the closest thing we have to a large work surface…I swear if we ever buy our own house it will have at least two large studio spaces and at least one drafting table) is covered in linen tape, bits of wire, poster hangers, chunks of bar-b-que skewers (let’s just say we had to get inventive), and fishing line.  The good news is that we have worked out a reliable system and the pieces are being prepped as I type this.  I wanted to share a couple of images with you behind the scenes of the show to keep you all amused on this chilly day.  I hope that you’ll be joining us at the Chocolate Claim on the 3rd if you’re in Whitehorse…and if you’re not I’ll be sure to post up some photos of the final effect for all of you to check out.

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