The Craft Project

Bring on the Backgrounds

Today has been full of the building of backgrounds.  I’ve been scheming a set of mixed media canvases for a couple of key events in the next few days (more about that as those dates arrive…I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for you).  In order to move those processes forwards I needed to create the backgrounds for the canvases.  That act of creation saw me pulling out vintage sheet music, book pages (my mother couldn’t help but wince when I told her), and sewing patterns, and then getting thoroughly covered in paint and modge podge – a truly satisfying day.  I thought I’d share some images of the partially completed backgrounds with you so you could get a better glimpse into the process.  In a few days (if all goes according to plan) you’ll be able to compare these to the finished products.


  1. those look amazing! i especially love the sheet music. my hubs gave me some of his old sheets, i need to dig them out! thank you for sharing, can’t wait to see the next step!

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