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What Do You Get For the Bride-to-Be Who Has Everything?

My dear friend Denise is getting married on March 21st in Mexico.  At the moment I’m not going to the wedding although I’m holding out hope for a last ditch effort to bear miraculous fruit (shhh…don’t tell her…I don’t want  her to get her hopes up in vain in case it doesn’t work).  Today all of her girlfriends threw her a surprise wedding shower/stagette.  I wanted to give her a really wonderful gift so that even if I can’t be there in person she would know I was thinking of her on the day.  The theme of the party was spicy and through the slightly disconnected paths of my mind that lead me to the phrase naughty or nice? And that lead me to the set of gifts I put together:

  • The naughty: a hand-sewn garter (which I was still sewing today as I taught my student’s lab this morning…to say they gave me a few questioning looks is the understatement of the year) with a cute pink flask (that I promise the garter will hold up…I tested it myself by jumping up and down in my apartment)…who ever said that your “something blue” can’t be sassy?; and a Bottom’s Up wine glass by 95 & Sunny filled with lacy underwear (I swear if you don’t own one of these wine glasses you should run out and get one right now);
  • And the nice: a mixed media piece representing Denise on her wedding day (you might recognize the background).

I discovered part way through the sewing of the garter that I had grabbed glow-in-the-dark thread from my drawer to put it together…I guess it will help her hubby find it under all the layers of crinoline before he has to throw it to the boys.  I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of the finished product…maybe it will inspire some of you who are struggling with what to get for the bride-to-be who has everything.



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