The Craft Project

A Lament for Peeling Paint

Sometimes things just don’t work the way you think they will – it’s unfortunate, but true.  And I, unfortunately, have just had one of those experiences.  I was putting together an inspiration journal for a swap partner (the idea being that you decorate the cover of a journal and then put inspiring quotes on many of the pages).  I wanted to do a very simple cover, letting the words inside provide most of the inspiration.  I opened the book so that I could work on the entire cover (front, back, and closing flap) at one time.  I covered the entire cover in gesso and then painted some simple yellow, blue and pink flowers and swirls.  It was simple and cute.  Once it dried, I closed the book.  That’s when disaster struck and the gesso peeled away from the cover leaving cracks (apparently it didn’t stick to the journal’s glossy cover as well as I thought it would).  So now I’m contemplating how to re-do the cover.  Any suggestion?


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