The Craft Project

Adding to the Junk Mail Menagerie

A while ago I created an acrylic painting of a number of fun cats that came out of a blitz of sketching with pen and ink.  To reduce waste and do something different I created this piece on several pieces of junk mail that I later mounted on some foam core for stability.  Once the piece was finished I felt compelled to create a number of animal paintings on junk mail, and so I’ve been saving up junk mail for some time to make that a reality (in fact I now have my friends saving as well, so that I can ultimately create enough pieces for a full show).  My little pile of junk mail is now sufficiently deep that I felt it was time to start planning my next installments of the junk mail menagerie.  I sat down today and tried a sketch out 20 dogs.  Some of them are excellent, some of them are terrible, but all of them are fun in their own right.  I thought I’d share a sampling of some of those which may ultimately evolve into the final painting with you here.


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