The Craft Project

Family History in Colour

This blog post is a celebration, in more ways than one.  To start with, it marks the point where I have officially caught the Craft Project up after my absence for my Grandfather‘s funeral – hurray!  It seems infinitely appropriate therefore that this post showcases that piece of art I put together drawing from family heirlooms I collected while helping to sort out my Grandfather’s house.  I feel like this piece is one of my best (potentially my best ever), and again that feels appropriate as it drew on so much family history for its creation.

The above photo shows you how the background began composed entirely of photocopies of family artifacts (more copies of family photos were built into the trees and sun).  It’s amazing how the colour brings such life to the image…and I of course love the slack-lining girl (who everyone thinks is a dancer…which, as she ultimately represents me makes as much sense as a slack-liner I suppose).  The creation of this piece can only be described as joyful, and I would love to do more pieces using this same process.  In fact I’m toying with the idea of using this method to create a series of pieces for the 125th anniversary of Canada’s National Parks – but more on that soon, for now I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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