The Craft Project

Yukon Youth Rock the Vote

Quite a while ago I challenged myself to design a t-shirt on the theme of voting.  There wasn’t a particularly good reason in terms of timing for the design, I just suddenly felt the need to do so, so I did.

I wanted to express the ability of democracy to empower citizens to stand up and express themselves, to fight apathy, and to create the positive change they want to see in the world. I tried to express these indeals in the positive energy radiating from the girl in the design who has stepped forward. I tried to incoporate the ideals of peace, freedom (the Chinese characters), compassion, creating positive change in the world and unity in diversity (the Adrinka – West African – symbol by her leg).

After I created the design I didn’t have a great use for it, so it has been sitting on my computer’s hard-drive.  But now, with the federal election campaign on in Canada the design has a purpose.  Myself and a few friends have started the Yukon Youth Rock the Vote Campaign to get young Yukonners to the polls on May 2 and we’re going to use this design as our logo.  Between now and May 2nd I’ll share some of the more creative things young people across Canada, and specifically in Yukon, are doing to empowers themselves and others in the election campaign.  Hopefully it inspires you as well.

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