The Craft Project

My First Mural!

Today was a gloriously fun day.  As part of the Yukon Youth Rock the Vote Campaign the Yukon Green Party donated the side of their offices in downtown Whitehorse to us to paint a non-partisan get out the vote mural.  Meghan Larivee, Christina Macdonald and I converged at 10 am and started painting.  We were flying by the seat of our pants as far as design – making things up as we went along.  This was ultimately the best plan we could have come up with as it ended with a glorious mix of styles and all kinds of fun elements including: the elephant in the room (the youth vote), a dragon, and a purple caribou to name a few.  Later in the day Malkolm Boothroyd joined us adding a beautiful set of mountains and the best free hand Yukon flag I’ve ever seen produced.  And for a while Katimavik joined us and brought the full force of their energy and creativity with them (we were so grateful for their help…by that point our hands were frozen solid from working in the shade and simply by being there they made sure none of us suffered frost bite by cutting the time it took to finish in half).

We painted in acrylics and I have to say I was amazed at how far the paint went.  We thought for sure we’d be running for more at some point in the day, by we squeaked the whole project out with supplies to spare.  We even threw on some glow-in-the-dark paint for good measure (we didn’t want the most important message lost in the few hours of darkness that we get).

In the end the whole project took us 4.5 hours.  Tyler Kuhn took a time lapse of the whole event so you’ll soon be able to watch the whole project from start to finish in just a few minutes.  We’ll be sending the finished video into CBC’s One Day as well.  Until the video is ready (Tyler’s processed about one sixth of the photos at this point, so it will probably take at least another day or two until the the video is ready to be viewed) I hope you enjoy the photos.


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