The Craft Project

Canvas Confidential is Revealed

Today was finally the big day – Canvas Confidential!  I have shared sneak peeks of my completed piece with you over the last few months and now I finally get to make the big reveal.  You can finally see the piece completed.

The show was simply amazing.  60 pieces of beautiful art; fantastic wine; delicious bread, cheese, and fruit; a packed house; and a fun chance to dress up.  As guests came into the event their names were put into a hat.  Once everyone had arrived they drew a name every 60 seconds.  During those 60 seconds that person got to select their piece of art to take home.  You could feel the tension in the room as people’s favourites were chosen and the excitement as each new name was drawn.  We were lucky – Tyler’s name was drawn early and we got second choice of the night on which piece of work we took home.  I was also very flattered (down right thrilled to be honest) to have my piece picked very early in the evening.

I wanted to play with texture for this piece so I pulled buttons, tissue paper, stickers, glass jewels, paper cut-outs, paper towel, lace, cardboard, bottle caps, and beads into the background to use as the piece’s base.  The piece was completed in acrylic paint and then detailed with embroidery floss and a mixture of mod podge and ink to give it a slightly antique appearance.  I hope that it gives its new owner great pleasure.





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