The Craft Project

Cowboys and Aliens

It was my friend Christina’s 28th birthday a few days ago.  She is the type of girl who loves theme parties, good food, dressing up, and the chance to be a little bit ridiculous, so we decided to go all out for her celebration.  Her birthday conveniently coincided with the release of the new movie, Cowboys and Aliens.  Depending on your world outlook you might think that is the dumbest movie title on the planet, or the most brilliant.  We decided not to give it to much thought, and simply embrace it.  We threw together a cowboy party with some alien touches, that we followed with a trip to the theater to take in the big show.  Everyone dressed in their western finest (with best costume honours definitely going to the birthday girl in her fringed burgundy leather pants); Tyler and I cooked for 10 hours straight producing the finest Mexican meal I have ever made (including tortillas and tamales from scratch); an alien pinata met it’s doom; and of course we made a cake.  The cake took four hours just to decorate.  We created the landscape of Arches National Park and then populated it with cowgirl Christina and her trusty steed facing off against an alien ambush (you’ll notice the alien comes from a lower gravity planet by the state of his double-barreled shotgun).  I hope you enjoy seeing the results as much as we enjoyed eating them.

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