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The New Studio

My blogging has been infrequent at best recently.  This has a lot to do with my recent move.  In the fall Tyler and I found out the place we were renting was being put up for sale.  Obviously Whitehorse in the winter is not somewhere to be homeless, so we spent a stressful couple of months coming up with a solution.  The result being that we took the plunge and bought our first house!

One of the big requirements of our new place was that we needed space for an art studio for me and an office/photography/videography studio for Tyler…and boy did we score on that front.  The house we bought has a beautiful, well-lit loft with hard wood floors which is the new home of my art studio.  It’s taken me some time to set it up and make it just right (the fact that I can do things like paint walls has opened up a world of possibilities for me), but it’s finally up and running (and currently housing art work for two upcoming shows, props for an upcoming play, an art bra for an upcoming charity fashion/burlesque show, along with several smaller projects – more about all of these in upcoming posts).  With Tyler’s help (as a photographic mastermind) I wanted to share my new creative space with all of you today.

I also wanted to quickly mention my future plans for this blog.  My plan is to post less this year than last year (no more daily blogs), but to make each and every blog unique and beautiful (I expect to be pulling in Tyler’s photographic expertise quite frequently)…so keep your eyes peeled.  Until the next post, enjoy this insider’s view of the studio!


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