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Mardi Bra

On February 4th Whitehorse is going to get very hot in honour of an amazing charity.  Mardi Bra, a burlesque dancehall themed party, will open its doors at 7:30 pm to raise funds for Karen’s Fund, a fund that helps Yukon women with breast cancer – and believe me when I say you don’t want to miss this.  The event includes dancers, poi spinners, DJs, food, drinks (including delicious bra-tinis), a photo booth, a silent auction, Mt. Mac packed with people strutting their burlesque best, and a live auction of bras designed by local artists.  The “bras designed by local artists” is the purpose of my post today.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to design one of the bras that will be on the auction block.  I knew I wanted bling, I knew I wanted to challenge myself creatively, and I knew that this project felt like a “go big or go home” sort of thing.  So I went for a Year of the Dragon theme.  5000 individually placed tiny glass jewels later (yes, it did take a very long time) I had a dragon and ancient Chinese characters curving across the breasts of the finished piece.

The piece involved a certain amount of engineering ingenuity to actually accomplish.   I was terrified that if I drew the images that I would use as a guide for placing the jewels directly on the satin white finish of the bra I would make a mistake, or change my mind about a design element part way through.  To get around it I did all of the original design work on transparency film.  I then enlisted my husband Tyler’s help to rig up a system to project a light through the transparency so that I could trace the shadow of my original image onto the bra’s surface (I swear that man can build anything with a tripod and electrical tape).  From then on I simply spent a lot of quality time with a toothpick placing the jewels.

I’m really excited with how it turned out (Tyler did a photo shoot with me modeling the bra to give you all a sneak peak).  Hopefully you’ll join us at Mardis Bra to see the piece in person being modeled by my talented friend Christina MacDonald (maybe you’ll even choose to bid on it).  Tickets are $40 (it all goes to the charity) and you can buy them from Zoomz, Alpine Bra Boutique, Sportees, or the organizing committee members (including me).

Finally I want to throw the challenge out to everyone to sit down with your friends and design your own bra to wear to the event – I promise it’s lots of fun, and I’m willing to share advice and help if you get stuck.


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