The Craft Project

The 39 Steps


The play I was working on with the Guild Hall, the 39 Steps, wrapped a little over a week ago and I’m very excited to give you a glimpse of the work I did on it in props and scenic painting.  We had well over 100 props to put together that ranged from everything from a realistic and very floppy fish; bibles with bullet holes; and un-wieldingly large maps.  When that was combined with multiple 9 foot painted canvas backdrops that needed to unroll and roll back up; metal ladders that needed to look convincingly like wood; and a scene involving dog chases and plane crashes all done in shadow puppets (my favourite part and also what I’m most proud of) it kept me pretty busy for a while.  Norm Hamilton, a fabulous local photographer took a bunch of photos of the production which he agreed to let me share with you (you should check out more of his work here).  As an extra bonus a video was shot of the production and I’ve been able to pull out a clip to share with you.  Enjoy!

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