The Craft Project

Catch My Eye

I have some exciting news about a new show that opened at Baked Cafe in Whitehorse over the weekend.  Catch My Eye has been put together by a group of accessories artists and will run for the next month.  There are eight of us who put the show together.  Besides myself, the other artists include: Blake LepineBrianne Meister, Emily Bradbury, Eric McClellan, Jessica Vellenga, Kristen Range, and Leslie Leong.  All of our work is really unique, but somehow when you bring it all together it really fits – I’m really excited about this show!  Special thanks is also due to Lauren Tuck of Brave New Works for bringing us all together, Scott Price for creating a simply magnificent installation to display the work, and Maxime Deschesnes for creating the fabulous poster for the show.

The official opening of the show will take place this Friday, April 13th, from 5-7 pm.  The opening will feature artists talks and free food and should be a lot of fun to boot.  If you are in Whitehorse I hope you’re able to join us.

We really wanted to play with the concept of living art as part of this show, and so each Sunday the show runs one of us will be doing live demonstrations from 2-4 pm.  Through some juggling of the schedules I ended up presenting my demonstration Easter Sunday.  It was a bit of a scramble to pull together my display for my neck tie roses, button bracelets, and Lego necklaces in time – especially because my puppy figured that when I carried home a bunch of branches to create the tree-like display structures that I was really just bringing home a bunch of new “toys” for her to chew into a pile of wood chips – but they turned out beautifully and now I have them for future work.  The demonstration attracted a lot of attention and I spent an enjoyable few hours talking with interested patrons, selling some pieces, and creating new roses out of ties.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of the show, and I hope you head down to Baked to check it out “in the flesh” if you are able.

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