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Big News and a Give Away!

I have been sitting on a secret since November – and today, finally, I’m able to shout it from the rooftops.  I won the Northwestel Phone Directory Cover Contest!  For those of you from the Yukon this will most likely immediately make sense – for those of you from outside the Territory, let me elaborate.

Each year Northwestel, northern Canada’s telecommunications provider, runs an art contest for the covers of their three phone books (Yukon and northern BC, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut).  Each artist who has their work selected wins a $2000 prize and has their work featured on the phone book for that year.  In addition, Northwestel  produces 100 limited edition prints of the piece, that the artist then signs and numbers, and the company distributes to various local NGO’s and charities for fundraising purposes.  They produce an additional 10 artist proofs for the artist’s personal use (essentially an un-numbered print) – read to the bottom of this post for some very exciting news about one of those artist’s proofs.  Northwestel then keeps the original artwork in their private collection (which I’ve now had the chance to catch a glimpse of throughout the process of my selection for the 2012 cover and I have to say it’s spectacular).  Past covers have featured incredible artists such as Ted Harrison and Jim Robb, so I am so honoured to now find myself included in this inspiring community.

Since the books came out this week I have found myself in the slightly strange position of being asked to sign people’s phone books (which I have to say is a first).  If you are looking for your own free copy of the book you can pick it up at the Latitude Wireless Store (2093 2nd Ave at Lambert in Whitehorse) or this weekend at the Lake Laberge Lions Club Trade Show (May 4-6 at the Mount MacIntyre Recreation Centre).  And yes, if you really want me to, I will sign it for you.

My piece that was selected is called Forge Your Own Path.  I had collected a large amount of historic imagery of the Chilkoot Trail that I wanted to use for a piece, so when the annual phone book competition came around it provided the perfect opportunity.  I wanted to capture the iconic Golden Stairs (the huge pass that gold rushers headed for the Klondike had to pack 1000 pounds of gear across to enter into Canada) in a new way and so the piece features a woman toiling up the route with a string of cookie cutter male gold rushers.  The piece is mixed media, acrylic, and pen and ink.

And now onto the exciting give away.  I have decided to give away one of my artist proofs to one of you!  Here’s how this will work.  You can enter to win this print between now and 5pm Pacific time on Wednesday May 16th.  At that point I will be unveiling and speaking about Forge Your Own Path at a Business After Hours reception that Northwestel is hosting at the MacBride Museum.  You can RSVP to this free event at: or 667-7545.  As soon as I return from the reception I will draw a name, announce the lucky winner in a blog post that will include some images from the reception (and contact the winner directly), sign the print, and then package it up and send it on its way to the winner.  Here’s the details on how to get your name in that draw:

In the comment section of this blog post tell me which things you have done of the list below.  You get your name in the draw once for each of these items you complete (meaning your name could be entered in the draw 5 times if you do everything listed here):

Good luck everyone!


  1. Roxanne Paul

    Way to go Amber! I just picked one of those up at work today, now i will refer to it loyally!
    I did 2 of the above (liked and followed the Craft Project). Beautiful job!

  2. Amber! I just discovered your blog through Urban Yukon. What amazing news!! Congratulations!!!

    I’m liking your FB page for sure, and adding your blog to my feed reader, ’cause that’s how I like to keep up with blogs, rather than e-mail. Oh, what the heck, I’m doing all five things but mostly because I think good news should be shared!

  3. Lisa Ross

    I will definitely be sharing on Facebook- Love the theme of the print as the mother of two daughters who I hope will forge their ow paths!! Congratulations on your success- your family must be so very proud of you!!

  4. Hey Amber! Keep up the amazing work! I’m not in the Twitter world, but have:

    * Signed up to follow the Craft Project blog
    * Liked the Craft Project on Facebook
    * Shared this blog post on your Facebook account

  5. Gish

    Amber-bamber Check x5 Can I have a phone book now? Is this the only way to get a phone book?? As the Father of two daugheters, I hope they turn out just like you.

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