The Craft Project

Because Dressing Up is Half the Fun

This last week has been all about costumes for me.

The week started out with the GoMedia Conference.  This high profile travel media conference was taking place in Whitehorse this year.  The organizers were trying to give the event as much Yukon flair as possible which resulted in some very cool events, including a lunch at the Yukon Inn Convention Centre chock-a-block full of Klondike characters.  I was there as a can can dancer, but we had gold rush stampeders, RCMP, and some high class women of the Klondike in attendance as well.  The event culminated in a race to pack a “tonne” of supplies across the convention centre (mimicking the literally tonne of goods that stampeders had to pack across the Chilkoot Trail into Canada en-route to the Klondike) that pitted a team of local Yukon boys against a team of conference attendees.  The Yukon boys really wanted to show the visitors how to do things right so they decided to pack a can can girl (me) across the convention centre as well – such a bunch of over-achievers.

The rest of the week has been dominated by Varietease.  For those of you who don’t know, Varietease is Whitehorse’s home-grown burlesque cabaret and they are amazing!  Their newest show premiered this week and closes on Saturday (there’s still four shows between now and then – 9 pm and midnight both today and tomorrow – and even though we’ve sold out all of the printed tickets we’ve been able to squeeze in a few extra seats so there will be a very limited number available at the door a half an hour before the show at the Guild Hall).  I’m working on the show as a dresser and for those of you who share my father’s sentiment of “Why do they need dressers?  They don’t seem to be wearing very much”  I would point out that getting into and out of corsets takes a lot of work.  Something I would know intimately as all of the crew are dressing up for the show as well so I’ve been spending some quality time with my corsets and fishnets this week.

I’ve including a couple of photos from their new calendar that was just released this week.  My very talented friend Gary Bremner is the photographer (in fact he took all of the photos in this post).  If you want to learn more about his work on this project you should check out this post he just put together.

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