The Craft Project

Into the Woods: Bring on Little Red Riding Hood

As promised, this week as part of the Yukon Blog Carnival I will be sharing some sneak peaks with you of the fairy tale show I am working on putting together (the working title for the show is Once Upon a Time).  The show is by far the most complex I have attempted to put together so think of these first glimpses as just the tip of the iceberg.

My plan for the show involves creating a series of art journals.  I’ll be sharing some of these with you later this week.  The art work that fills these journals will inform the large-scale pieces that will form the body of the show.  Together the journals and the finished pieces will form a bit of an installation-style show.  When you enter the room you will be able to see the large pieces covering the walls and then flip through the art journals to get a better sense of the process and see where the large pieces have come from.  My hope is that the art journals will embody books of fairy tales themselves.  I also have some plans involving the framing of the large pieces and the presentation of the journals that will add to the installation-esque nature of the show, but I’ll keep those tucked under my cap for a little while longer.

At this point in the show’s preparation I am exploring a series of fairy tale heroines and villianesses.  This exploration started with Little Red Riding Hood.  I have always been drawn to Red Riding Hood and have found motifs from her story popping up throughout my work so it was logical for me to capture her a number of ways.  Through the images in this post you can get a sense of some of this exploration.

Which heroine or villianess would you like to see me explore next?  And do you have any suggestions of how I should be trying to express and capture them in my work?

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