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A Thank You for the Versatile Blogger Award

A huge thank you to Sky Blue with Daisies for naming me a Versatile Blogger (you should check out her leather work – it’s amazing).  It put a huge smile on my face – and got me to write this post this morning.  And now I get to pass on the happy glow of recognition to a set of others…


1]  Display the award logo on your post.

2]  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

3]  Share 7 things about yourself

  • My middle name is Smokey;
  • I have broken 17 bones (not all at once);
  • I may be part mermaid (I’m in or on the water as much as possible);
  • When I put figures in my artwork they are almost always women and girls – it just feels like the right thing to do for me;
  • The inside of my wedding ring is engraved in Gaelic (the English translation is not all those who wander are lost)
  • If I could do nothing but art, dance, and play outside without starving to death and becoming homeless I would
  • I danced so hard at my friend’s wedding this weekend that my fishnet stockings actually gave me blisters (I leave it to you to guess where)

4]  Pass the award to 15 nominees

  • Gary Bremner Photography – an amazing local photographer, and incidentally the person who’s wedding I was at on Saturday
  • ionlylikemonsters – I check this blog all the time for my daily dose of cute
  • Knit Princess – if you are a knitter, or you know a knitter, this online comic captures that world perfectly
  • Yarn Bomb Yukon – if you know how to knit and you aren’t yet making something for the historic yarn bombing of Whitehorse’s DC3 (it will be the largest transportation yarn bomb ever), you should be – I am knitting in all my spare moments when I’m not in the studio (in fact if I’m watching tv and not knitting Tyler has now gives me a lecture)
  • Jessica Vellenga – she does amazing things with fabric and yarn and clothing
  • Hyperbole and a Half – she doesn’t post very often, but the cartoon are always worth it (check out the “best of” section on the sidebar for some of the highlights)
  • The Black Apple – I absolutely adore her artwork (in fact some of it is hanging in my art studio)
  • Papaya – speaking of artwork that is hanging in my studio…
  • Curly Girl Design – and she designs work that I carry around everywhere in my bag with me (in the form of fabulous notebooks)
  • Kinky Cat Designs – showing off the diversity of latex every day
  • Scarlet Lime – she does fabulous work with texture
  • Carla Sonheim – she reminds me to play in my studio and not take my art too seriously, something I greatly appreciate
  • A Fanciful Twist – her imagery is amazing
  • Art and Ghosts – the faces in her work really speak to me
  • Alisa Burke – because there’s always colour

5]  Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated

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