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Culture Cards – Get Involved!

So the Yukon Cultures Connect project is at it again.  Some of you may remember when I worked with them earlier this year on their launch event, the Mixer.  They’re launching their next project today to coincide with the celebrations of Summer Solstice (a really big deal if you live north of 60) and National Aboriginal Day and I’m so excited to again be involved.

Here’s the lowdown on the new project – Culture Cards!

Unique perspectives.  Diverse backgrounds.  Different histories.   One shared home.

We’re lucky in Canada to have a vibrant mix of people and cultures – one that is the envy of the world.  Here in the Yukon, we’ve got a unique blend of First Nations, European, Asian and other backgrounds, francophone and anglophone, immigrant and sourdough: not to mention those that don’t fit any category at all.

We want to celebrate how our differences contribute to our community’s vitality, creativity, and democracy.  Help us by contributing your uniqueness in a “Culture Card” – a postcard you create, that reflects you and where you come from.

Come visit our postcard station at local festivals and events.  No artistic talent needed, just enthusiasm!  A local artist will be on hand to help you overcome that “I can’t draw” feeling.

Your postcard can be anything – a self-portrait, a place that’s important to you, a symbol of how you think of yourself.    We encourage you to write a message about your postcard on the back and address it to someone you love.  We take the cards, scan them for our evolving gallery, and mail them for you.

Yukon Cultures Connect is a project at Yukon College that brings together different cultural groups.  The three goals of the project are to build bridges between cultural groups, spark public dialogue about cultural diversity, and help institutions and organizations respond to changing demographics.

I’ve spent part of the last week creating all of the “sample” cards for the postcard station.  I sat down with all the materials that will be available to participants at the station – pencils, coloured pencils, magazines for collage, glue sticks, scissors, pens, and markers – and challenged myself to create as diverse a group of my own cards as possible to serve as inspiration for others.  It was a really fun project.

And now that the samples are all ready we’re taking the project public.  I will be the “local artist who will be on hand to help you overcome the ‘I can’t draw’ feeling” at a number of upcoming events.  I’m so excited to help engage the community in this work, teach some art techniques in the process, and help celebrate what makes the Yukon so unique – plus it means I get to sit in the sunshine and take in some stellar events (and work on my art journals for the fairy tale project when no one is visiting me at the table).  If you have a chance you should come on by and make your own card (or two, or three, or thirty) – I’d love to see you!

Here is the current schedule at a glance (we anticipate adding more venues as the summer continues):

Today (10 am – 6 pm): The Opening of the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre and National Aboriginal Day Celebrations, downtown Whitehorse beside the Yukon River

June 23 (starting at 3 pm): St. Jean Baptiste Day, Marsh Lake, Kettley’s Canyon

June 24 (starting at 10 am): The Adaka Cultural Festival; I will be there (you should be too…there’s going to be a community feast and a drumming gala later in the day)

July 1 (starting at 10 am): Canada Day Celebrations, Shipyards Park; I will be there

July 6-8: Atlin Arts and Music Festival, Atlin, BC; I will be at the table Friday and Sunday

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