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So I just spent the day chilling in the sunshine at the Sunstroke Music Festival.  I’m one of the art and craft vendors at the festival so Shiloh (my puppy) and I spent the day chilling in our screened display tent, enjoy the 30 degree weather, the sun (and the relief of the occasional thunder storms), and the music.

It was a bit of a slow day today (I even got to read a book) which to be honest was very lovely.  It’s been chaos getting everything ready to sell – I’ve been silk screening t-shirts with blind contour drawing designs; building jewelry (bottle cap necklaces, button bracelets, and lego necklaces); sewing neck tie roses for hair accessories; and creating hula hoops like a mad woman.  The studio looks like a tornado hit; I was silk screening until 1 am last night and up at 7 am to heat treat the finished designs (two hours of ironing is really not my style); and a friend who stopped by the booth today commented “I didn’t realize you were running your own sweat shop.”

The good news is that the frenetic energy settled this morning once I had set-up and I realized that the display looked beautiful, I was really proud of the work (and people seemed excited about it), and that I could just kick back and relax.

Which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow as well.  If you’re in Whitehorse please come by and take some time to chill out with Shiloh and I in the sun (we even have spare chairs for you to sit on).  I’ll be there from noon until 7 pm and I’d love the company.  Maybe you even want to buy something (hint, hint).  For those of you from outside of town not to worry, I expect some of the new pieces to be making their way to Etsy very, very soon.

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