The Craft Project

Get Your T-Shirts Online

As promised, I have started putting some of my clothing and accessory creations for Raven Mad Designs online in my Etsy store after a successful stint at the Sunstroke Music Festival.  The first items to be added are my blind contour t-shirts (hope to add some bottle cap necklaces and rose necktie accessories later this week).

Blind contour drawing is a technique where the artist focusses all of their attention on their subject and does not look down at their page while creating the image.  It results in recognizable but stylized images that screamed to me to be put on t-shirts.  I started with three images to hand silk screen onto my shirts: a giraffe drinking, a giraffe eating, and a lion.  There is another set in the works which include a penguin, a meercat, and a lemur (as you can see I’m finding myself drawn to unusual animals for this process).

I think what I love most about this is that the exercise of drawing blind requires me to completely trust the process.  I’m often pleasantly surprised with the results (and I sometimes feel like it would be hard to replicate the loose and sketchy feel of the images if I was actually looking at the paper).  That said, sometimes the results are disasters, but that’s fun too.  Any requests for what blind contour designs I should create next?

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