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This is How You Weekend

So those of you in Canada know that we just celebrated our nation’s 144th birthday on Sunday (for those of you elsewhere who may not have been aware – now you know).  To celebrate the event we decided to rally the troops and head to the beach.  After spending a cold and blustery day in Whitehorse teaching art and facilitating the Culture Cards project at Whitehorse’s Canada Day celebrations we packed up the car with food, drinks, sand castle supplies, camping gear and the puppy and headed to sunny Carcross.

Years ago our good friend Tim Darling had given us a book about building sand castles.  It sparked the idea of building a dragon sand sculpture for us which we’ve been meaning to do ever since.  We decided that Sunday was the day to see that idea through.

The lake water levels were high over the weekend so the available width of beach was a little slimmer than we had anticipated.  We quickly modified our plans to build a dragon coming out of a cave to make use of the steep banks (and damper sand at depth).  We were careful to keep sprinkling water across our creation as we added to it to keep the structure strong (apparently some sand castle builders call this the mountain method).

Once we had built our dragon coming out of his cave (and chewing menacingly on the leg of something), we built a second cave farther down the beach for his tail to stick out, and then we built a tiny castle for him to attack, and then we built barracks and mountains to protect the castle, and then…well you get the idea.

It was a beautiful night and we had a great time.  We’re already scheming the next sculpture….although we’re open to suggestions if anyone has any.


  1. Make your way along the top of the sand castle. You will be attacked by archers who appear then disappear after firing their weapons. They will leave you with swordsmen. Take out the baddies and continue to the right. Be careful not to get into too much fighting behind the pillars obstructing the view. Stay to the right or left or them.

  2. Hi there!
    thankyou so much for popping by my little art nook!! I love your sand sculptures! I remember when I was a wee girl, we went camping for my birthday and my cousin made a croc very similar to this! Off to check out more of your posts!
    xx Courtney
    Little Raven Ink

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