The Craft Project

Handfuls of Buttons

Last night I made a whole pile of fabric covered buttons (the type with the pins in the back) and it made me so happy (so I thought I would share them with you).

I recently got a  Sukie Button Factory Kit produced by Chronicle Books (who make some of the most fun and quirky art books) from Modcloth (who may have become one of my favourite stores on the internet since I discovered them).

Sukie’s designs are so fabulous that they make absolutely perfect buttons, and the kit made the assembly process a snap (and so much cheaper than a button press).  I got a bit carried away and ended up with a literal handful – they are now on my jackets, my shirts, my hats, the pillows on the futon in my studio… you get the idea.

It just felt so good to be creating something with no expectation attached (as opposed to something for a magazine, or an art show – I have three different ones I’m preparing for right now, or a craft fair, or an installation, or a play).  Just something for me, to add a little funky stylish twist to things.  I think I’ll have to make some more to put on cards to send as happy surprise mail packages to some friends.  And now I’m on the prowl for some really fun fabric swatches to continue to expand the collection (the Ghastlies by Alexander Henry might be the first option) – suggestions are very welcome.

In fact, suggestions are so welcome that I will randomly pick one comment from this post that leaves a suggestion for a good button fabric swatch and make you a button and mail it off to you – so start hunting!


  1. OH! I just bought the button factory yesterday and it’s so fun! I did like 14 in an hour. I just want to make buttons ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!! I’m doing surprise bags as wedding favours and these are going to be one of the things inside. BUTTONS BUTTONS BUTTONS!!!

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