The Craft Project

I Hate Jello

Well it’s that time of year again – Threadcakes – the online cake competition based around Threadless t-shirt designs.  I absolutely love this contest and I enter it every year (usually a couple of designs a year).  My first design of this season happened to coincide with my friend Christina’s birthday (it has become a tradition for me to create an elaborate cake for her birthday).  I ended up going all out and creating a shark grotto cake based on The Deep Design by Emery Greer.

Unfortunately I decided to create the cake with jello so that I could have a light shining up through it: brilliant idea in principle, disaster in reality.  My younger brother once made a cardboard catamaran for a cardboard boat race in high school.  The design was beautiful and it looked fantastic but it broke apart when it hit the water.  He used to joke that he should have called the boat “in theory”.  I now know exactly how he feels.

To learn about all of the ups and downs along with the finished product check out the Threadcakes entry here.  The exciting news is that Christina loved the cake (and it was delicious), so I guess it was a success after all (just a slightly frustrating one).

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