The Craft Project

Wrap it Up

I’m excited to say that some of my prints have been selling from my Etsy shop.  It’s a wonderful feeling when the email arrives in your inbox letting you know that someone has purchased a piece of your art and it will be finding a home with them.  I really want to pass on that feeling of joy on to the person who chose to support me as an artist (if you think about it, every print that sells supports me to be able to continue to create art – which is a pretty amazing gift).  The best way for me to do this is to turn their package into a present – I figure everyone loves to get real mail, so I might as well make the print I’m sending off into the most exciting piece of mail that I can (I’m not the only one who thinks this way – many Etsy sellers believe that making their packaging fun, beautiful or quirky is worth the effort).

In my case I create a hand-drawn thank you card that I write a personal note to my patron in to include with my carefully packaged print.  Then I wrap the piece in some fun and funky paper (so far it has been something different every time).  I use small doilies to write the addresses on.  And I create my own circus-style flags with baker’s twine and pennants cut of washi tape as a finishing touch.  I hope that all the effort brings a smile to people’s faces when their artwork arrives in the mail (fingers crossed that it might even help Raven Mad Designs to grow as well).

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