The Craft Project

How to Break a World Record

On Saturday August 11th several months of continual effort came to fruition.  Yarn Bomb Yukon, in partnership with the Yukon Transportation Museum and the Yukon Arts Centre, broke a world record – WE YARN BOMBED A FRIGGEN’ PLANE!

We have been working on this project for months: knitting and crocheting over 6000 square feet of blankets (that’s 368,800 yards of yarn in case you are curious); sewing all of the blankets together into giant pattern pieces that each individually covered the entire floor of Whitehorse’s Old Fire Hall; and then transporting all of the hard work in bundles to the install site.  Then at 8 am sharp on the fateful Saturday we brought in the boom lifts and we yarn bombed the plane!

The completed piece has broken the world record for the largest transportation yarn bomb (Guinness approval still pending) and we are so thrilled to see it up and in the public eye.  It will be installed until August 21st – so if you live in Whitehorse please stop by and check it out.  If you don’t, not to fret.  The amazing and talented Tyler Kuhn has created a time lapse video for you (see above) that captures the whole process – he took 44,000 photographs in the process of making this film.

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on this project (especially project coordinator Jessica Vellenga) – without everyone’s amazing efforts we could never have pulled this off.


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