The Craft Project

100 Faces

I’ve embarked on work for a project/solo show involving the creation of 100 faces.

Some of you who regularly follow my blog may be thinking to yourselves “aren’t you already trying to get your Once Upon a Time solo show ready for this fall.”  The simple answer to this is “yes”,  In fact, if I put all my cards on the table, I’ve been asked to create four shows in between now and next spring:

  • Once Upon a Time in October (a re imagining of fairy tales through art journals and large pieces);
  • 100 Faces next Spring – we’re still finalizing dates (the creation of 100 drawings/paintings of faces in as many different styles as possible coupled to a series of blank journals for individuals viewing the show to draw their own faces in and contribute to the final body of work);
  • Yukon Ho in January (a continuation of my SHE series following the theme that started with the piece that is on the cover of this year’s phone book – women in the Yukon during the gold rush era);
  • and Juxtaposition in March (a joint show with Celia MacBride – she will be examining architecture and human landscapes with her work and I will be examining Canada’s National Parks with mine).

Phew – even typing out the list makes it sound like a lot of work – which means I better get in gear.

Which brings me back to the point of this post.  The 100 Faces project has been started – in fact there are about 35 faces completed to date.  As the process has started rolling I’ve had several people volunteer to model for me – which is amazing and I’m very grateful to them.  These volunteers have inspired me to put a call out to ask for more people who are willing to be the models/inspiration for the face project.

If you’re in Whitehorse and would like to participate we could set up a time to meet.  If you’re not in the Territory’s capital I will happily accept photographs by email ( to use for the project.  I will send out a digital copy of the finished face inspired by anyone who steps forward to model (in person or via photography) to the individual.  Keep in mind that some of the styles I’m using are abstract and some are realistic, so if your image comes back with an eye in your forehead and an ear where your nose should be you’ll understand why.  I want to thank anyone who volunteers to help in advance.



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