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A Wonderful Story


I just got told the most wonderful story which I would like to share with all of you.  The piece pictured above, The Fairytale, was sold to a friend of mine during the SHE show.  He just sat down with me to tell me the story of where the piece went after it left the walls of Baked Cafe.

He gave it to a very close friend who was pregnant as a gift.  Through a twist of fate he delivered it to her on the day that she thought she had lost the baby.  Thank God it proved to be a false alarm four days later.  But the four days until she learned that the baby was safe was agony and she later told my friend that my artwork got her through those days – which is by the far the most amazing compliment I have ever been given.  I am so grateful that something I created was able to help someone through such a time of need.  The piece now hangs in her happy, healthy son’s room.

One comment

  1. Erika Towle

    You’re are so right ,what a beautiful compliment! There is something about the painting that is comforting, maybe it’s the colors? Whatever it is it is gorgeous 🙂

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