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Canvas Confidential Two

On Saturday night Canvas Confidential Two took place.  Canvas Confidential is a fundraiser for the Yukon Artists Relief Fund, which assists Yukon visual artists in times of need.  The first Canvas Confidential took place in May 2011.  Both the participating artists and the patrons enjoyed it so much that we decided to do another.

65 one foot by one foot canvases were put together by artists across the Territory in secret.  Participants at the fundraiser had their names pulled out of a hat.  Once their name was called they had sixty seconds to select their piece of art.  Once all of the art had been selected the names of the artists who had created the pieces were revealed to the guests.  They will be revealed shortly to the general public on the Yukon Artists Relief Fund Facebook page.

I created a colourful piece featuring the Tombstone Mountains in a style I have been considering doing a series of pieces in.  I heard from a visitor from Regina who had a ticket to the fundraiser that the piece went very early in the evening.  She told me the next morning at Yukon Artists at Work where I was working that my piece was one of the ones she had hoped to get, but that it got selected by someone else before she had a chance to get it.  I hope that whoever picked it will enjoy it.

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