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Meanwhile Backstage

I’m spending a large portion of this Thanksgiving weekend working with Brian Fidler of Ramshackle Theatre and Edward Westerhuis on a stop-motion animation project.  Last year these two amazing gentlemen put on the Sci-Fi Double Feature, a cardboard science fiction puppet show (two puppet shows to be exact), at the Guild Hall.  It was such an amazing success that they are re-mounting it for the Yukon Arts Centre in March, and they’re taking it up a notch.  They are creating a stop-motion animation “Meanwhile Backstage” as an intermission piece for the show that bring all of the characters from the two shows together – and I get to help them!

Yesterday I worked on a claymation monster with six eyes; created 100 tiny candies out of fimo to pour out of a vending machine and completely overwhelm a character; and created a range of mouth expressions to represent all of the phonetic sounds our cast needs to make during their couple minute film.  Tomorrow I get to help animate a monster attacking a director backstage.  If you’d like to keep track of our progress keep an eye on Edward’s video blog.

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