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Once Upon a Time: Fairytales Reimagined

Thursday’s opening reception of my new solo art show, Once Upon a Time: Fairytales Reimagined was a fabulous success.  There was a huge crowd who came through the doors and people seemed really excited about the work (now I just need to cross my fingers that someone would like to buy some of it).

I really enjoyed slightly subverting concepts of beauty and the nature of these universal tales (there is definitely some hints of feminism here and there) while also returning to the original Grimms and Hans Christian Andersen text (it’s very different from Disney in case you’re unsure).  The pieces are mixed media and are two very different styles.  One set of pieces (the “cute ones”) are based on a series of paper dolls I created using gesso, watercolour, pastel, ink, and charcoal.  The second set which have been alternatively described by others as “quirky”, “off-kilter”, “challenging”, and “a little bit scary” are acrylic, collage, a lot of ink, and pastel.  The project sprung from an art journal I was creating from an altered book of Disney fairy tales and took on a life of it’s own.  The pieces that made the final cut into the show include three books of paper dolls, two large pieces drawing inspiration from the paper dolls, a handmade college style art journal, and thirteen pieces in the same style as the handmade book.

Since not everyone can make it into the gallery this month I wanted to share imagery of all of the work with you here (your own private digital viewing).  If you would like to purchase anything you can get in touch with Lauren Tuck at Rah Rah Gallery (867-336-2756,

Alice in Wonderland, $250

The Pied Piper, $250

Thumbellina, $250

Red Riding Hood, $250

Sleeping Beauty, $250

Fairy Godmothers and Stepmothers, $250

Snow White, $250

The Princess and the Pea, $250

The Big Bad Wolf, $250

The Princess and the Frog, $250

The Little Mermaid, $250

Knight in Shining Armour, $250

Cinderella, $250

The Book of Fairy Tales, $750

Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls, $200

Jack and the Beanstalk Paper Dolls, $200

Wizard of Oz Paper Dolls, $200

Red Riding Hood’s Forest, $300

Alice’s Reality, $300


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