The Craft Project

Prelude to a Kiss

The last two days of the blog have been very poster heavy (she says as she chooses to share yet another poster with you – I think we’re now up to five in two days).  That said I guess it does explain why I feel like I’m trying to keep thirty balls in the air right now and just barely succeeding (keep your fingers firmly crossed for me that I don’t let anything fall).

The particular ball that I’m juggling that relates to this poster is props designer for the Guild’s upcoming production of Prelude to a Kiss.  The play is hilarious, awkward and alcoholic (I have never had to source so much different glassware and bottles before in my life) and is directed by the amazing and wonderful Clinton Walker who I adore working with.  So you should take the opportunity to check it out (because I’m sure your November’s weren’t chock-a-block full already).

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