The Craft Project

Imaginative Students Make Work Fun


Over the past week and a bit I’ve had the privilege of working with the M.A.D. students at Wood Street School on creating puppets from their upcoming December production – Jack and the Winter Tree.  M.A.D. stands for Music, Art and Drama and is an amazing semester-long immersion high school program run by the talented Mary Sloan and Jeff Nordlund.  They brought me in to help a team of students create a plethora of puppets including two giants, a “weird man”, a series of snowmen, a giant penguin, two people – Jack and his mother, and a pink and yellow cow named “Moo Moo Lemon”.  We have been inundated by chicken wire, paper mache, foam, templar, and fabric all week long.  The students have been working really hard and I’m really proud of them.  Vince Fedoroff, from the Whitehorse Star, came in and took some photos of their work two days ago which ended up on yesterday’s front page.  I thought you might like to see the photo.

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