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I Love Square


For this Christmas fair season I set up a Square account.  For those of you from the States, Square has been around for a while and you have probably seen one before.  But it only arrived about a month ago in Canada and it attracted a lot of attention and questions from my fellow vendors.  I have to say that it saved my life at Cranberry Fair and I absolutely love it, so I decided to put together a post about it to answer the questions everyone was throwing my way during the fair (and have continued to do so over the last week).


First off – Square was free to sign up, it was super easy to set-up the account, and they sent me the little card reader for free.  After I had my online account I was able to make a catalogue of all of my products with photos, prices and descriptions.  I then put the free app onto my iPad which essentially allowed me to have a digital cash register for Cranberry Fair.  It made the fair so easy – I could accept any credit card without having to deal with hefty merchant fees – Square simply takes a small percentage of each credit card transaction (people were really impressed when we handed them a pen to sign for their purchases right on the iPad); I could email people receipts; and I could also track all the cash and cheque payments throughout the day so I had a full digital record at the end of the day.  It’s fantastic and I definitely recommend it.

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