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The Muppet Cake


Today was my brother Craig’s 30th birthday, and although he is literally on the other side of the country (in Fredericton, New Brunswick) we wanted to celebrate it with him.  When his wife-to-be, Angela, and he asked me to make their wedding cake for next summer the first concept that jumped to my head was a Muppets cake (Craig loves the Muppets)…it was immediately vetoed.  So I thought I’d make him a Muppets birthday cake instead (mwa ha ha…I still get my way…not that I’m terribly stubborn or anything).


Although it’s not as elaborate as the cake I would have created for the wedding, I still went a little over the top – sculpting 47 different Muppet characters as a bunch of balloons towing Kermit the Frog through the sky out of fondant (let me know if I captured your favourite somewhere in the mix).  To keep them together I made a backing of rice krispee squares to mount them on – my husband Tyler melted marshmallows for me as I kept sculpting fondant treating me to a perpetual tirade of “melt damn you marshmallows, melt!”

The cake itself was two tiers of double layers – eight and ten inch rounds.  I made a classic golden cake and filled and iced it with a raspberry buttercream, all made from scratch.  As I spent hours in the kitchen separating eggs, folding whipping cream into batter, and whipping buttercream for what felt like literally forever I was reminded of why cake mix can never be as delicious as real cake – it simply doesn’t have the same heart.  I finished the tiers with rolled fondant and piped buttercream to create clouds and borders.


The finished cake elicited some fabulous reactions, both for how it looked and tasted.  Before we demolished it we took a video of  everyone singing Craig happy birthday – hopefully it brings him a smile.


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