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The Best IPad Apps for Artists, Creatives and Makers


As I mentioned in my post about the Daily Monster app, Tyler bought me an iPad for Christmas.  I have been busily setting it up as a creative workstation.  In order to do so I’ve been spending a bunch of time researching the best apps for artists, creatives and makers.  It’s taken a lot of research and to make all of your lives easier I thought I’d summarize my favourites so that you don’t have to go through as much work as I did if you’d like to do something similar.  And now, without further ado, here is my “best of” list: Paper-Drawing


Paper is amazing – I absolutely love it.  It allows you to maintain a set of digital sketch books that you can fill with art, ideas, notes…anything really.  Their drawing tools are beautiful – I especially love the watercolour brush.  You can check out work of other Paper users here to give you an idea of the versatility.  This app is going to make it so that I’m not carrying multiple physical notebooks and sketchbooks around with me – my purse is going to weigh so much less! Sketchbook-Pro

Sketchbook Pro

It’s hard to come up with anything this app can’t do.  It has an amazing set of tools and is incredibly powerful.  And it’s easy to use…which isn’t always the case with apps with as many capabilities as this.  If you want to do digital art on your iPad this is the way to go. PhotoShop-Touch

PhotoShop Touch

Any of you who have ever choked at the cost of Adobe PhotoShop (or have cringed and then coughed it up like me) will adore this app.  It’s easier to use than its desktop version, although it still has a huge amount of tools, and it costs less than lunch at a coffee shop.



Inspire Pro

This painting app mixes, blends, and dry brushes beautifully.  I love how realistic the brush strokes are and how many different types of brushes the apps have.  It is so much fun to play with.




This app really feels like you are painting with oils and watercolours.  The brush strokes are so incredible I actually starting giggling to myself with glee when I started using it. LetterMPress LetterMPress

This app is your very own digital letterpress.  You get to lay out your blocks, choose papers and inks and then make your own prints.  I’m going to have a lot of fun with this. Animation-Desk

Animation Desk

I have been wanting to start playing with traditional animation (I’ve been inspired by Simon’s Cat) and this looks like it’s going to be a fabulous app to do so.  It has an onion skin function that I’m particularly excited about. iFontMaker


This app allows you to create your own font (letters, numbers, and special symbols) which than you can use for whatever you want.  I’m so excited to use it for digital comics, cards, and digital art journals.



This app gives you examples of zillions of types of fonts.  You can explore them visually which is really important for me.  No more random font search on Microsoft Word for me.



This app is full of comic book templates and fonts.  You can use images from your camera roll – photos or art – and I’m really excited to start to creating digital comics with it.



I love brainstorming.  I go through brainstorming processes for new projects, for goal setting, for working out processes…pretty much for everything (I think my grade 2 teacher really ingrained it into my creative process).  So I’m really enjoying being able to keep all of my brainstorms organized and stored digitally with this app.



I love putting together moodboards for new projects, but then I have no where to put them in my over-flowing studio.  With this app I can create and store all of my moodboards digitally which is so exciting.


Palletes Pro

This app takes a traditional colour wheel to a whole new level.  It’s a great way to explore colour options for all kinds of work.



Even with all of these amazing art apps it’s important to me to have one app that’s just for scribbling notes…and UPAD is that app.  I like the way I can write in it by hand.



This app is full of templates for photo layouts.  I’m excited to use it to make for layouts for this blog.

Pic Grunger

Pic Grunger

This app does exactly what it sounds like, it  makes your imagery grungy – old, burned, scratched, torn – and that means very fun things for digital art.



This is my favourite iPad photo editor (and my husband Tyler’s for that matter – and he’s a professional photographer).  You should check it out – it does simply amazing things.

In the future I plan to figure out the best art business apps.  Once I’ve done that research I’ll share the results with you in another post.  Until then I hope you find this list useful.


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