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Yukon Ho Press Release


January 4. 2013: For Immediate Release

Yukon Ho Celebrates the Territory’s Past and Present

Mixed media artist, Amber Church, will open her new show “Yukon Ho” on January 11th at Yukon Artists@Work Co-op Gallery (120 Industrial Road, Whitehorse).  The show will run until February 5th with an opening reception sponsored by Yukon Brewing Company taking place on January 11th from 5-8 pm.

“The project started after my artwork was featured on the Northwestel phone directory,” says Church, “The piece focused on the Chilkoot Trail and people really responded to the Yukon theme and started pushing me to create more work that celebrated aspects of the Territory.  Once I got going it just started to flow and I found myself celebrating Yukon history, lifestyle and in some cases, stereotypes.”

“Like so much of my work Yukon Ho takes a woman’s point of view and incorporates text into the finished work.  Including women in my work is really important to me for a show like this,” Church explains, “Yukon history is populated with stories of men and their exploits, but there were women there with them all along and we should celebrate that – after all if you think it’s hard work lugging one thousand pounds of gear across the Chilkoot, try doing it in a skirt.”

The work combines collage, historical photos, acrylic, found objects and ink on canvas.  “I really pushed myself to play with texture for this show – including experimenting with new techniques.”  She laughs, adding, “I even created one piece by drawing with a glue gun – I still haven’t decided how well that one worked so I guess I’ll let the show’s audience be the judge.”

High quality images of artwork from the show are available to the media upon request.

For more information please contact:

Amber Church, 335-4884,


Background Information: Amber Church Biography

Amber is a mixed media artist, painter, baker and designer who has called Yukon home for most of her life.  She draws inspiration for her work from the natural world, mythology and fairy tales, and her imagination.  She has exhibited at and worked with Arts Underground, Yukon Artists @ Work, Baked Café, The Guild Hall, Rah Rah Gallery and the Brooklyn Art Library.  Her mixed media piece, Forge Your Own Path, is featured on the cover of the 2012 Northwestel phone directory.

Her designs have been featured in Altered Couture, Green Craft and Mingle Magazines, and as part of the art bra fashion show for Mardi Bra, a fundraiser to help Yukon women with cancer.  Her installation and puppetry work has been featured in Yukon Educational Theatre’s Burning Away the Winter Blues, Ramshackle Theatre’s Theatre in the Bush and Sci-Fi Double Feature, Brave New Work’s Fusion and Yukon Cultures Connect’s The Mixer.  She authors the popular blog, The Craft Project, and bakes cakes in her spare moments.

When she isn’t working in her studio she can be found teaching at Yukon College; writing for What’s Up Yukon; haunting the backstage of theatres, dancing in a can can skirt or playing outside.  Although her past has taken her from United Nations Climate Change negotiations, to skiing and snowboarding course crews for the Olympics, and to teaching in Antarctica, she finds herself most content when she is mucking about with paints in a bit of sunshine.

You can contact her at: or 867-335-4884

You can find her work for sale at: Yukon Artists@Work Gallery, Arts Underground, Murdoch’s Gem Shop, Bella Home Decor and on Etsy.  She also accepts commissions.



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