The Craft Project

Art Happens


A few months ago I was teaching a mixed media course for the City of Whitehorse.  I needed to make a sample piece of techniques to help my students generate ideas for their own work and so I sat down with all of them and for about ten minutes randomly demonstrated techniques on a tiny canvas.  To my surprise it resulted in a fun piece which now sits in my studio to remind me that “art happens”.


I was reminded of that this week as I found myself down to the wire to finish all of the work for my new solo show, Yukon Ho, which opens today at Yukon Artists @ Work.  The show involves the physically largest piece of work I have ever completed (four feet by four feet) and I was putting the final touches on it at midnight on Wednesday night (keep in mind we hung the show Thursday at noon).  As intense as the final push was, it all came together, as it always does, and I’m thrilled with the result…and thrilled that the mantra “art happens” continues to hold true.  If you’re in Whitehorse tonight from 5-8 pm please come out and join the celebration.  If you’re not, I’ll be sharing all of the work with you here on the blog over the weekend (along with a special surprise…so keep your eyes peeled).


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