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Melted Crayon Art


So after the serious work of preparing, advertising, and promoting a solo show which focuses on bringing the many anonymous women who people Yukon’s history to the forefront I needed to do some art that was simply fun for fun’s sake.  So last night I created a piece of work out of melted crayons – think of it as the every-person’s version of encaustic (which I will get around to learning one of these days).  It’s exciting to me that I get to share this fun and simple project with all of you for my 300th post on the Craft Project!


I started by writing the word “create” on a small canvas in permanent marker.  I then grabbed a box of trusty Crayola crayons, peeled the wrappers off a few of them and laid them across my canvas.  Then I took a blow dryer to them to melt the wax; then move it around and blend it.  It was so much fun…so easy…and I love the finished product.


A few quick notes if you’d like to make a melted crayon masterpiece of your own.  I first tried hot-gluing the crayons to the canvas and then propping the canvas up vertically with the thought that this would allow the melted wax to drip down the canvas.  Don’t try this – the crayons melt off the glue and fall (something I should have realized if I’d given myself more than a millisecond of time to consider this) and then you have to scrape blobs of dried hot glue off your canvas (which isn’t so much fun).  Instead I laid the crayons out flat and loose on the canvas (which was sitting on a drop sheet – an important element if you don’t want wax pooling on your floor) and then built a barricade of boxes from my recycling bin around all four edges so that the air from the blow dryer didn’t blow the crayons off the canvas.  It worked perfectly.


If you try out a similar technique I’d love if you post pictures of your finished products in the comments on this post.  Happy crayon destruction!

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