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I Need Some Advice


I’m hoping to get some advice from all of you. This is a snapshot of a piece I’m working on for an upcoming show. It’s feeling wrong, but I’m struggling with why. I would love you thoughts on it. Thanks!


  1. What’s the show? I’m a bit confused looking at this, trying to figure out what’s going on. I studied it for a couple of minutes before realizing the pink part in the middle is probably a mountain rising up along the side of a river? Not too clear to me… Sorry!!

  2. Colleen

    I think that the very top is what is wrong. It just does not seem to work with the other colors. I would put something up there that worked with the rest of the piece. Good lucik

  3. I’d love to help. What is the ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve with this piece? I’m struggling to see the connection between the pink/purple mountains, and what’s going on behind them. Love the color scheme so far.

  4. i think maybe the pink part is too big and heavy compared to the top and the bottom? and it looks like it is sitting on the tips of the trees, i can’t wait to see how you finish it up!

  5. rather than a problem ~ I think the bold forward thrust of the pinks is the heart of the picture. You can enhance that tension by making the “water” a solid darker color. You could even experiment by filling in that area with colored paper (I would even try black) to see how that works before you make a change.

    • Thank you everyone for the helpful advice…sometimes another set of eyes makes all the difference – I really appreciate your help. In answer to some of your questions the piece is for a show about Canada’s National Parks. The concept is that each piece will have archival imagery from a given park in the background and then a landscape image from the park in the foreground. I was thinking of following the style of this piece I did featuring a landscape in Tombstone Terriotrial Park ( The lack of detail in this piece in its current form is really eating at me – which many of you picked up on. Thanks again for the helpful comments.

  6. Patrick

    Think it needs something that radiates out from a central location just off centre. Like erratic run rays or tree or fern etc.

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