The Craft Project

Steampunk Mask Tutorial


As promised I want to share with all of you the process I went through to create the mask for my steampunk costume in case you’d like to create your own incarnation.


I started by drawing out the design of the mask on the piece of paper.  I wanted to make sure to use an octopus in the design as it is often incorporated into steampunk motifs because of its links to the writings of Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).


After I was happy with my mask design I taped it down to a table with a piece of plastic wrap taped over top of it.  I then taped a piece of tulle over top of the plastic wrap.  I then used black Tulip matte fabric paint and traced the design onto the tulle.



Once the paint had dried I cut out the mask and the eye holes.  Then I added a set of details (chains, gears, and watch parts) onto the mask using E-6000 glue.  If you’re in search of similar embellishments I would recommend using clock parts (watch parts are fabulous for steampunk designs but they are very tiny).  If you don’t want to scavenge your own parts Tim Holtz has a set of steampunk gears that you can buy.



The final step involved spray painting the mask so that the whole piece was consistent. First I put down a layer of bronze and then I added gold to the edges to create a bit of a patina.  And that as that.




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