The Craft Project

Spring Cleaning: Embroidery Floss


I will be the first person to admit that I’m the antithesis of a model housewife: my clean laundry is piled on my floor making it my dog’s favourite place to bury her toys; I simply don’t do dishes, although I do love to cook and bake; and I’m really unconcerned if it looks like a wild banshee tore my house apart. In essence – I exist in a constant state of chaos (and my husband tries not to let it get under his skin too much).

That said I do try to keep my art studio clean.  “Try” is the key word here, as you wouldn’t be able to discern this fact from the current state of the studio.  My project schedule has been a bit full of late – to the point that a week ago I feared that my to-do list might actually eat me alive – but things are slowly coming back under some semblance of control.  Which means that in the next little bit I will actually have some pockets of time for some Spring cleaning.  And when I stumble onto a studio organization idea that is particularly brilliant as I work through this process I will share it here with you (this will also keep me accountable to actually finishing the job).

Here is the first such idea: wrap your embroidery floss around wooden clothespins to store it.  It’s way easier to work with than those little paper cards (and it looks prettier) – something I discovered while working with a lot of it for a recent project for So You Think You’re Crafty – and, arguably more importantly, it doesn’t turn into a tangled mess.  Give it a try and see what you think.

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