The Craft Project

Designing a Cover Shot


Recently Tyler and I had the intriguing job of creating a cover photo for What’s Up Yukon that paid tribute to Northern Scene (the largest gathering of northern Canadian artists presented outside the region) without using any of the participating artists or any of their work in the image.  We had a few added stipulations that it should be colourful, Yukon-ny, and somehow link to art.  We played around with a few ideas and eventually settled on bringing together a set of disparate objects and turning them into a piece.  I handled the artistic design – in other words the identification, collection, and arrangement, while Tyler took on the photography.

The final piece, which was photographed in our bathroom to take advantage of the orange walls, included: caribou antlers (which still had a bit of blood on them much to my dog Shiloh’s delight); an easel; a guitar; a well-loved book of Robert Service poetry (which contributed to a colourful Christmas Eve dinner one year in Argentina); a can can skirt; wooden snowshoes; a sheep skin; a stuffed animal mammoth and raven; a jar of brushes; a set of watercolour crayons; a marten pelt; a manikin; and a feather headdress.  Can you find them all in the final photo?

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