The Craft Project

Announcing Manipulating Media


The number of shows of completely new work that I have recently agreed to take on may prove that I am a little bit (or a lot) crazy, but nonetheless I need to keep moving forward.  January saw the opening of Yukon Ho at Yukon Artists @ Work, March the opening of JUXTASPOSITION at Arts Underground, and now April 11th will herald the opening of Manipulating Media at Gallery 22 (not to mention February’s group show Melting Ice and last week’s show to celebrate Canada Water Week at the Beringia Centre which I organized and participated in).  I might take mid-April to sleep…a lot.

Manipulating Media is one of my most ambitious shows yet.  It will follow the style of my work from Once Upon a Time but without a unifying theme.  Instead I have selected thirty magazines (from Vogue to the Economist to Cowboys and Indians…and everything in between) to use as the show’s basis.  Each magazine provides the collage elements for one piece, which has proven a interesting, and at times challenging, restriction to place upon myself.  It’s forced me to be creative, and at moments has caused me to wander down the rabbit hole and truly embrace nonsense.  If you’d like to see the results, you’ll need to come by Gallery 22 on April 11th.

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