The Craft Project

String and Zipper Art


Well I’ve made it through the first week of competition for So You Think You’re Crafty with my Spring themed craft which is highlighted in this post.  Now that the anonymous voting period is over for last week I can share my string and zipper art grow piece with you.  If you’d like to check out and vote on this week’s competition, knock off crafts, you can do so here.


When I was young I was fascinated with a piece of string and nail art my art teacher showed me.  I was determined to create my own and found a pattern in the library for an elaborate owl design.  I got to the point of putting about half the nails in place with my father’s help and then I got distracted and went on to something else…for more than 20 years.  My dad found my unfinished piece the other day and asked me if he could disassemble it for the nails and wood, which I agreed to.


But seeing that unfinished piece put an idea in my head – one that exploded into my creation for this week’s spring theme.  It turns out all I needed was to do was to create the design myself, instead of working from a pattern, to finish my own string art piece (well that, and I needed to find some ways to make it unique with zippers).


The final piece is 36″ x 16″ and is a combination of 504 nails in three different sizes, 23 colours of embroidery floss, and a pile of disassembled zippers and felt scraps.  It came together in phases.  I started with the “grow” in its succession of colours.  The next phase was to create the vines using a range of nail sizes to make the piece feel more 3D and sculptural (my thumb cursed me for this decision as it took a few hard knocks from the tiny finishing nails I used for the end of the vines).  I then create the felt and zipper flowers to give the vines more details and colour.  The final stage involved rimming all of the nail art in disassembled zippers to better tie the whole piece together and help the details pop out from the white background.



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