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Butterflies in the Wind – SYTYC Week 3 Winner


This is my piece for the week three challenge (Scraptastic) for So You Think You’re Crafty.  I’m excited to announce today that I won this week’s challenge which means a tutorial for this project will be appearing on So You Think You’re Crafty early next week (it will simultaneously appear on this blog) and I’m into next week’s round which will be announced on Monday.  In you live in Whitehorse you can find this work hanging on the wall of Yukon Artists @ Work as part of their Spring Garden show.  In the mean time, here are some details about my project.

My puppy can get a little frantic and excited at times.  One of my husband’s tricks to calm her down is to massage her head and say, “butterflies in the wind.”  It started out as a joke, but has now become a tradition.  One of these recent puppy calming moments gave me the idea for this piece for the Scraptastic challenge.


I do a lot of mixed media work, which means that my studio is overflowing with scraps of paper, fabric and ephemera.  When I went hunting through the precarious piles the other day I discovered that I had stockpiled a bunch of paint chips in the past.


I pulled these out to cut out my mass of butterflies in three different sizes.  I folded all of the largest size of butterflies with a bone folder to make them 3D and added white and black ink details to each one.  I arranged them with a strong glue across a simple black frame, a piece of black matboard with a nice interior bevel, and a piece of high-quality watercolour paper.  To finish the piece off I created some curls of fine wire off the edge of the frame so that three butterflies could be suspended in the air.


  1. Hi Amber! Congrats on winning this round of SYTYC 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE your project – both beautiful and a great use of scraps!! I am totally going to look for a butterfly punch like that the next time I’m at Hobby Lobby and try to make one of my own.

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