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Manipulating Media in the Whitehorse Star

The amazing people at Whitehorse Star put together a quick piece to let people know that my show Manipulating Media opened on Thursday.  I’m also very grateful to Dave White at CBC’s Airplay for the wonderful radio interview.  I’ll be posting imagery of the thirty pieces that compose the show later this weekend for those of you who can’t physically make it to Gallery 22.  Here is the Whitehorse Star piece:



Photo by Vince Fedoroff

DEMONSTRATING MANIPULATION – Amber Church will open Manipulating Media at 5 p.m. today at Gallery 22. Magazine cut-outs, combined with Church’s artistic additions, make the show colourful, interesting and playful.

New exhibit turns conventional media on their heads

Whitehorse artist Amber Church’s new solo show, Manipulating Media, will open at 5:00 this afternoon at Gallery 22 (308 Elliott St., above Triple J’s Music).

“This is the largest body of new work I have ever created for a single show,” said Church.

“It’s been a challenge to pull it all together, and I’m excited for it to see the light of day.”

Manipulating Media encompasses 30 pieces created from a combination of collage, ink, acrylic and pastel.

All of the collage elements in a given piece are taken from a single magazine, which also provides its name to the title of the piece.

“The media strive to manipulate us each and every day. With this show, I wanted to turn that manipulation on its head,” said Church.

“I took 30 magazines – from Vanity Fair to Cowboys and Indians to Orion, and everything in between – and used them as a basis for 30 pieces of art.

“It was a challenge to impose limits on the source material for each piece like that, but it also pushed me creatively.”

All 30 magazines are from November 2012 to represent a period of time in society’s collective history with the full body of work.

This period was marked by the final stages of the U..S presidential election, Pussy Riot’s arrest in Russia, and the James Bond film franchise’s 50th anniversary with the release of Skyfall, among many other things.

The elements that each magazine chose to highlight and focus on at that time influenced the final artworks.

Manipulating Media will remain up at Gallery 22 until May 4.


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