The Craft Project

Melted Crayon Heart


Last week’s challenge for So You Think You’re Crafty was  “kids can do”.  I really wanted to create a project that was fun, colourful and messy – all the things I loved as a kid.  Keeping those elements in mind I created this melted crayon heart project.  I ended up coming third last week – you can check out all of the results and vote on this week’s challenge – upcycle – here.


I got a brand new giant box of Crayola crayons (which was super exciting in itself – it reminded me of being a kid and how much potential a new box of crayons always held for me).  I arranged them into the heart pattern on a canvas; and glued them in place.


Then the fun started.  I used a heat gun (a blow dryer works as well and would be a better choice for kids to use) to melt the crayons and blow the liquid wax around into exciting patterns, and giant drips over the canvas edges.  The wax melts at a low temperature so you don’t have to worry about burning tiny fingers (although any heat source used for this project should involve adult supervision).  Once I had the melted wax the way I wanted it I added the word “share” to the heart’s center – for “share love”… although the possibilities are endless for what to feature in the center, including precious photographs.


  1. Fantastic : ) Your project was my favourite (I had a suspicion it was yours too… the great photos are a bit of a giveaway). Congrats on staying in the competition.

    • LOL…I know what you mean, although gardening next week is going to prove tough for me: we still have snow on the ground and we just had another two day storm blow through…it’s going to have to be an inside garden

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