The Craft Project

Mercury Glass Vases


Well I’ve made it through another week of So You Think You’re Crafty with my mercury vase project for upcycle/repurpose week which I can now share with all of you here.  This week’s challenge in duct tape: check it out and vote on it here.  Mercury glass vases have become very popular recently.  I thought it would be really fun for my upcycle/repurpose craft to create my own version of these antique-style beauties that are showing up in all of the home stores.


I started this project be scrounging as many different clear glass vessels as I could from garage sales including canning jars, votive candle holders, a milk shake glass, a candy dish, and a couple of vases.  After cleaning them all up I hauled them outside into the fresh air to work with them.


Mercury glass vases usually have a lot of texture to them and I wanted to preserve that in my versions.  To do that I created a four step process that I repeated for each vase until I was satisfied with the result.  First I misted each piece with a combination of water and vinegar (to create a weak acid that would create bubbles and thin spots in the coverage).  I then would spray on a layer of Krylon Looking Glass Spray (which I found at an auto detailers).  I would cover this with another misted layer of vinegar and water, and then after it had set for about two minutes I would dab it with a paper towel.  I repeated this five to six times per piece until I was happy with the final result.  I varied the number of layers, the amount of misting and looking glass spray, and the amount of dabbing for each piece so that each would become unique and distinct.  And now my house is full of spring flowers in  my new collection of mercury vases.

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